In the February 2016 issue of Communist Voice

The fiftieth issue of Communist Voice (February 1, 2016, with 70 pages)  may be ordered in hard copy or downloaded with our compliments in PDF form and  has articles on the following subjects:

The environmental crisis

The UN climate summit in Paris flops

  • The governments pat themselves on the back while the world burns
  • Patrick Bond: Paris climate terrorism

Different trends in the environmental movement

  • About Earth day, 2015
    including reviews of works by
    Chai Jing
    Naomi Klein
    Gar Lipow
    Heather Rogers
    Al Gore
    and Patrick Bond
  • Obama’s pretty speeches won’t stop global warming
  • Pope Francis denounces carbon trading
  •  Environmental teach-in + 50 at U of Michigan

Environmental events and actions

  • Sea levels could rise faster than expected
  • Indonesia’s burning and market measures are pouring palm oil on the flames
  • Stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic
  • On the California drought
  • Some environmental protests vs. nuclear power, Arctic drilling and tar sands oil
  • Against dumping frack waste in Detroit

The struggle against the Syrian dictatorship

  • Support the Syrian people
  • Syrian struggle continues while crisis deepens
  • Marxism and democracy

The workers’ movement

The 2015 UAW auto contracts with the Big 3

  • What the contracts are and the fight over their ratification
  • Auto workers demonstrated against two-tier wages

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA)

  • Will the Pan-Africanists support the South African metal workers?
  • NUMSA persists in struggle
  • South African workers on the march

Around the world

  • The BDS movement: solidarity with the Palestinian people
  •  Israel versus the Ethiopian Jews
  •  Greece: betrayal of  anti-austerity movement
    What led to Syriza’s betrayal ... August 6, 2015
    Greece at the crossroads ... Feb. 8, 2015
    Political earthquake in Greece ... Jan. 29, 2105
    All eyes on Greece ... Jan. 19, 2015
    Earlier comments ... Nov. 22, 2014 & June 2013
  • Venezuela: Oil, the Chavistas, and their loss of the election
  • Ireland legalizes gay marriage    50

Black lives matter! and other movements

  • Cop who killed Tamir Rice will not be charged
  • Lead poisoning forced on Flint, Michigan
  • Stand up against racist police terror
  • May Day and the mass movements

Theoretical and historical matters

  • Marxism and cosmology
  • World War II and anti-fascism
  • From Baba to Tovarishch: on women’s struggle for liberation after the revolution
  • From the failed legacy of Leon Trotsky:
    Trotsky glorified Emperor Haile Selassie
    The real history of Ethiopian resistance to Italian invasion in the mid-1930s
     Some excerpts from “The socialist debate on the Taliban: Trotskyism slips on the supposed anti-imperialism of the Taliban” (Trotskyist analysis of the Taliban repeatedly referred to Trotsky’s view of Haile Selassie)
  • Marxism and democracy (see under “the struggle against the Syrian dictatorship”                                     

Notices about publications

  • Struggle, a magazine of proletarian literature
  • Complete sets of the Workers’ Advocate, the Workers’ Advocate Supplement, & the Chicago Workers’ Voice Theoretical Journal are now available at Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism Online
  • About the Detroit Workers’ Voice e-mail list

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