Getting in touch with the Communist Voice Organization

To contact the CVO, email to

To follow news about and articles from the CVO, subscribe to the Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list. Send a request and your email address to for this. See D/SWV email list  for further information.

To contact the Seattle Communist Study Group, email to

To contact the Detroit Workers' Voice, email to or

To get in touch with Struggle, a magazine of anti-establishment literature, go to or email See Struggle - a literary zine  for more information.

You can find many back issues of the Communist Voice magazine at this website, and new issues will appear here in PDF form; they can be freely downloaded. The next issue of CV is expected later this year (2019), and it will be announced in the Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list.

To get paper copies of CV, write


P.O. Box 28536
Joyfield Station
Detroit, MI 48228-0536

Rates since mid-June 2000 for paper copies of CV:
The price directly from a vendor (i.e., not by mail) is now $2
Sub rates by first-class mail inside the U.S. are now
$4 per copy; $22 for a six-issue sub.
Discounts available for bulk orders

Method of payment:
Please make checks and money orders payable to Tim Hall--Special Account
Do NOT make them payable to CV.

Back issues are currently available at the same price as current issues. Orders with payment for CV should be sent by conventional mail, not email.

CV ISSN: 1096-3804

CV editor: Joseph Green

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Last changed on May 16, 2019.

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