How to subscribe or get in touch with CV

Note new mailing address, as of January 2010:

P.O. Box 28536
Joyfield Station
Detroit, MI 48228-0536

Rates since mid-June 2000:
The price directly from a vendor (i.e., not by mail) is now $2
Sub rates by first-class mail inside the U.S. are now
$4 per copy; $22 for a six-issue sub.
Discounts available for bulk orders

Method of payment:
Please make checks and money orders payable to Tim Hall--Special Account
Do NOT make them payable to CV

Back issues are currently available at the same price as current issues. Orders with payment for CV should be sent by snail mail.
Comments on articles, suggestions, and other correspondence are welcomed and can be sent by e-mail or snail mail.

ISSN 1096-3804

Editor: Joseph Green

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Last changed on January 16, 2010.