World capitalism and imperialism

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For the protest movement in Iran, see under Iran.

Myanmar: the resistance to the military junta surges ahead with Operation 1027 (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, December 17, 2023)

May 1st in Seattle and Myanmar. (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, May 20, 2023)

Another 'transition' blows up in Sudan (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, April 27, 2023)

Sudan: resistance committees organize ongoing struggle (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, June 21, 2022)

14 months after the coup in Myanmar: continued struggle against the military (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, March 29, 2022)

Two articles about the two-faced stand of certain anti-war groups: the war in Ukraine is a crisis for the American left; the mass resistance in Ukraine and the equivocation of much of the Western left (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, March 18, 2022)

The Sudanese resistance sets a more radical course: resistance committees issue new charter (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, March 9, 2022)

No to the Russian invasion of Ukraine! Solidarity with Ukrainian resistance and the Russian anti-war protesters! Also, Russian feminists denounce Putin's war. (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, February 28, 2022)

Self-determination for Ukraine! Neither Moscow nor Washington. No to brinkmanship, no to a Russian invasion of Ukraine  (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, February 6, 2022)

Resistance committees come to the fore in the struggle against the Sudanese military regime  (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, February 4, 2022)

The Sudanese military kills yet more protesters yet the struggle continues after the figurehead Hamdok resigns  (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, January 19, 2022)

An international solidarity statement with the workers of Kazakhstan (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, January 18, 2022)

Solidarity with the militant workers of Kazakhstan! Building this solidarity in 2022 faces the same obstacles that it did in 2012 (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, January 13, 2022)

On the Ethiopian Civil War and the nationalities issue (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, January 3, 2022)

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Sudan against the military coup. The demonstrations of December 19th and 25th are the latest in repeated mass protests against military rule. (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, December 28, 2021)

On the mass demonstrations against the Sudanese military coup of October 25. (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, December 16, 2021)

Myanmar rises against military rule The people have come together, against the coup of Feb. 1,  in a powerful common struggle. They will not go back to the long years of full military rule. (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, March 27, 2021)

Half a year of mass protest in India against the Farm Bills. Millions of farmers fight against the privatization and corporatization of agriculture planned by the fundamentalist Modi government.  (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, February 27, 2021)

The Critical China Scholars group opposes the blindness of the Monthly Review to the oppression of the Uighurs:  The Critical China Scholars group issues an eloquent Open Letter (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, October 21, 2021)

In Belarus, workplace actions support the mass struggle for democratization  (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, August 20, 2020)

Country-wide strikes and protests in France: French workers say no to pension cuts (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, December 24, 2019).

"All of them means all" -- the people want the fall of the oppressors: A new wave of world struggle --  Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, West Papua, Haiti, Chile, Honduras, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Catalonia, etc.(Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, October 31, 2019)

The resurgent indigenous movement in West Papua. (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, August 31, 2019).

No to the brutal lockdown of Kashmir by the Hindu fundamentalist government of Narendra Modi, and to the stripping of citizenship from Muslims in Assam.  (Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list, August 27, 2019).

The North Korea-US summit: US imperialist Trump, state-capitalist Kim Jong-un - Two nuclear monsters at the June 12 "peace talks", by Mark Williams (DSWV email list, July 2, 2018)

Catalonia defies repression by the Spanish government. Also, the NFL protests and the mass struggle ("The September 24 protests in sports opened the floodgates for class struggle politics"). And clinic defense in Seattle. (DSWV email list, October 9, 2017)

Down with the Trans-Pacific Partnership! Leaflet by Seattle Communist Study Group for the upcoming anti-TPP events (DWV email list, August 18, 2016)

Right-wing demagogue is now president of the Philippines (DWV email list, May 18, 2016)

May Day 2015 in Detroit: DWV May Day leaflet including an articles on Black Lives Matter!, $15-an-hour takes to the streets, "The Trans-Pacific Partnership attacks workers and the environment"Black lives matter!; and Greece (DWV email list, April 30, 2015, or PDF form of leaflet)

Belgium, Spain, Greece, and South Africa: world in struggle, part 1 (DWV email list, November 22, 2014)

Against those who, in the name of anti-imperialism, vilify the democratic movement in Hong Kong  (DWV email list, October 24, 2014)

Support the democratic movement in Hong Kong! (DWV email list, September 30, 2014)

Support the working people of Ukraine against Russian intervention, Western austerity, & local oligarchs:

  • The looming economic crisis
  • From the "Orange Revolution" to Euromaidan
  • The central government in Kyiv
  • Antimaidan
  • Russian imperialism
  • The annexation of Crimea
  • Russia and the far right
  • The secessionist movement in East Ukraine
  • Program of the secessionists
  • Western imperialism
  • Solidarity with Ukrainian working people!
    by Joseph Green
    (CV issue #49, vol. 20, #1, August 1, 2014)

Reviving Nasser, a review of Gilbert Achcar's The People Want
by Pete Brown
(CV issue #49, Vol. 20, #1, August 1, 2014)

* The Syrian uprising and the American left.
* The Syrian uprising and the American "National Days of Action" of June-July 2013,
(CV issue #49, Vol. 20, #1, August 1, 2014)

The Syrian uprising, the Arab Spring, and imperialism
(presentation by Joseph Green at the "What is Imperialism? (What Now?)" panel
at the 2013 Platypus Convention)

On the sub-imperialism of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa): the "BRICS from below" counter-summit in Durban, South Africa denounces the 5th annual "BRICS from above" summit of March 26-27
(Detroit Workers' Voice mailing list, March 18, 2013).

Solidarity with the Arab Spring:

On the democratic uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa:

Into the streets October 7th (10th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan)! No more war in Afghanistan! Adapted from a leaflet of the Seattle Anti-Imperialist committee calling on people to agitate for, and take part in, the demonstration of October 7, 2011 against the Afghan war.

Support the mass protests in Iran!
Against imperialism and clerical reaction: Solidarity with the peoples of Iran!
(Leaflet of the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee, July 25, 2009)
A talk about the protests in Iran!
(Presentation the Detroit Workers' Voice Discussion Group - July 26, 2009)

Resisting Israeli aggression is just, but Islamic fundamentalism threatens the masses
WWP glorifies Hezbollah
by Mark Williams, 41K
(Issue #40, vol. 13, #2, August, 2007)

after the collapse of the old colonial empires
by Joseph Green,33K
(Issue #39, vol. 13, #1, January 24, 2007)

by Joseph Green, 56K
(Issue #38, vol. 12, #2, July 27, 2006)

FRANCE: Mass struggle forces withdrawal of a neo-liberal measure
by Frank Arango (37K)
(Issue #38, vol. 12, #2, July 27, 2006)

(Issue #37, vol. 12, #1, Feb. 2006)

(CV Issue #36, vol. 11, #2, September 10, 2005).

(Issue #33, vol. 10, #1, March 25, 2004)

* No to imperialist occupation! Down with US intervention in Haiti! by Joseph Green (11K)

* For your reference: from the days of Aristide's return to power in 1994:
Freedom will come from the Haitian workers, not the occupiers!
--A Detroit Workers' Voice leaflet from 1994 that gives some of the historical background of the present situation (20K)

* While the New York Times praises U.S. imperialism, we say...
Build the movement against imperialism! by Seattle Anti-imperialist Alliance (19K)

* Support the Colombian workers -- U.S. imperialism, get out of Colombia!
By Seattle Anti-imperialist Alliance (22K)

* Operation Balikatan: `Shoulder-to-shoulder' suppressing the Philippine masses,
by Seattle Anti-imperialist Alliance (8K)

* Bush's go-called "anti-terrorism" means endless war and repression (Detroit Workers' Voice, #30)
(Issue #29, vol. 8, #2, June 20, 2002)

More on Trotskyist negation of the Leninist view of anti-imperialism
Anti-imperialism and the class struggle by Joseph Green (104K)
An outline of Leninist anti-imperialism (50K)
(Issue #29, vol. 8, #2, June 20, 2002)

(Issue #28, vol. 8, #1, January 9, 2002)

IMPERIALISM in light of the Afghan war (77K), by Joseph Green
THE US = #1 terrorist (25K), by Pete Brown
king, failure of the pro-Soviet regime, CIA dirty war, and Taliban (105K)

  • Background notes on the situation in Afghanistan (based on Workers' Advocate Supplement, May 1988)
  • From the Soviet withdrawal to Taliban rule, by Mark, Detroit
  • 1988: Who are Reagan's 'freedom fighters' in Afghanistan? (Workers' Advocate, May 1988)
  • 1988: The U.S.-USSR Afghan accords: a cynical deal that fuels more bloodshed (Workers' Advocate, May 1988)
  • 1985: Self-determination for Afghanistan! Caught between Soviet occupation and a CIA dirty war ((Workers' Advocate, Feb. 1985)

(Issue #28, vol. 8, #1, January 9, 2002)

About the Bordentown Anti-War Group: (19K)

  • Statement of purpose
  • Down with terrorism! Down with imperialism! BAWG statement of October 2001
  • Report on Oct. 27 anti-war demo in New York City
  • Sept. 29 anti-war protest in Washington, D.C.

About the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Alliance: (52K)

  • Continuing to demonstrate when the reformists quit, by Frank, Seattle
  • An anti-war demonstration in Portland
  • The 'war on terror' -- an imperialist nightmare (SAIA leaflet, Dec. 16)
  • Denounce Bush's campaign of terror against Afghanistan! (Seattle CVO, Oct. 16)
  • Bush's warmongering betrays memory of Sept. 11 victims! (Seattle CVO, Sept. 18)

Detroit Workers' Voice #28, Oct. 3: (25K)

  • No to Bush's war of revenge!
  • Facts about Bush's supposed 'war on terrorism'

Trotskyism slips on the supposed anti-imperialism of the Taliban: (53K)
(Issue #28, vol. 8, #1, January 9, 2002)

  • Introduction by Joseph Green
  • Sectarian propagandism by Bob Pitt (who, in the name of anti-imperialism, opposes denouncing both sides in the US-Taliban war )
  • Neither Taliban nor imperialism by Ian Donovan

Statement of Struggle magazine on the events of September 11 (September 29)
On the Bush administration's response to the terrorist attacks -- imperialism in the name of anti-terrorism,
by the editor of CV, September 15.

Denounce Bush/Engler for attending Labor Day events! No to Bush and the Democrats!
For a class struggle against neo-liberalism (from Detroit Workers Voice #27)
Remember Carlo Giuliani, murdered for protesting the G-8 at Genoa (also from DWV #27)
(Issue #27, vol. 2, #1, Sep. 6, 2001)

Introduction: Can one support proletarian independence while upholding the right to self-determination?
by Frank, Seattle
Reply to an American 'Marxist-Leninist' by Thomas Mountain
Frank replies to Thomas Mountain concerning the class situation in Eritrea
(Issue #27, vol. 2, #1, Sep. 6, 2001)

Quebec City actions expose neo-liberal summit (8K)
(Issue #26, vol. 7, #1, May 1, 2001)
Come to the April 21 demo in Detroit:
Build the class struggle to fight the `free-trade' offensive! (19K)
(Detroit Workers' Voice #26, April 16, 2001)
Come to the Blaine, Washington demo:
Free trade means freedom for capitalist exploitation and
increased slavery for the masses (11K)
(Seattle Communist Study Group, April 20, 2001)
New England Global Action Network Conference --
About the upcoming demo against the FTAA in Quebec City in April 2001
* Report on the NEGAN Conference, Nov. 12-12, by Thomas (34K)
* Oppose free trade and protectionism!
Capitalism is the problem, class struggle is the answer
(Leaflet distributed at NEGAN conference)
(CV issue #25, vol. 6, #3, Nov. 27, 2000)

the right to self-determination of Eritrea is still an issue!
Denounce the Ethiopian-chauvinist aggression! (part one), by Frank, Seattle (33K)
(Issue #25, vol. 6, #3, Nov. 27, 2000)
Denounce the Ethiopian-chauvinist aggression! (part two), by Frank, Seattle (75K)
(Issue #26, vol. 7, #1, May 1, 2001)

No to U.S. imperialist-backed 'Plan Colombia'! by Pete Brown
(Issue #25, vol. 6, #3, Nov. 27, 2000)

* Vladimir Putin's two wars: on Chechnya and Russian workers, by Joseph Green (39K)
* Russian activists denounce the war, excerpts from two leaflets by the Chelovechnost group in Moscow (10K)

Reviews by Joseph Green of 3 books about the Russo-Chechen wars:
* Introducing the reviews: The Chechen wars through the Western bourgeois prism (14K)
* Chechnya: Calamity in the Caucasus (Carlotta Gall and Thomas de Waal)
-- a journalistic account that wishes the national question would go away (35K)
* Russia Confronts Chechnya: Roots of a Separatist Conflict (John Dunlop)
-- Cold War-style scholarship in the era of free-market Russia (23K)
* Chechnya: Tombstone of Russian Power (Anatol Lieven) -- Lieven's apology for Russian imperialism (73K)
(Issue #24, vol. 6, #2, June 14, 2000)

UNDER COVER OF A WAR ON DRUGS: Clinton pushes Colombia to attack guerrillas
(including remarks on the neo-liberal onslaught in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) by Pete Brown (30K)
(Issue #24, vol. 6, #2, June 14, 2000)

Windsor/Detroit demos continue fight vs. neo-liberalism:
Against the OAS and the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas:
To fight neo-liberalism, target capitalism
(Issue #24, vol. 6, #2, June 14, 2000 and Detroit Workers' Voice #25, June 4, 2000, 20K)

* The importance of the `battle of Seattle' by Frank, Seattle (18K)
* Struggle against the WTO calls for conscious struggle against monopoly capitalism--the path forward (Seattle CVO leaflet, November 24, 1999, 33K)
* Uphold the "battle of Seattle"! A new call for Action (Seattle CVO leaflet, December 6, 1999, 22K)
* The failure of the Seattle WTO meeting, by Phil, Seattle (12K)
* Day by day on the front lines against the WTO, by Frank, Seattle (24K)
* Bankrupt from opposite directions: the sectarian Sparts and the reformist CPUSA
by Pete Brown (8K)
* How Marx opposed both free traders and protectionists:
A look back on Marx's speech "On the question of free trade" by Mark, Detroit (36K)
* Reply to an anarchist about the activities of the `black bloc' at the anti-WTO demonstration, by Joseph Green (27K)
* From the anarchists (20K):
N30 Black Bloc Communique by ACME Collective; and
Solidarity statement with the black bloc by "the Initiative for a Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists" (NEFAC)
(Issue #23, vol. 6, #1, February 4, 2000)

CHECHNYA: Not another war for oil! Articles against the Russian invasion of Chechnya
* Down with the Russian war against the Chechen people by Joseph Green (52K)
* Historical origins of the Chechen revolt: important dates in Russian-Chechen relations, by Joseph Green (54K)
* Chechnya must have the right to self-determination! (CV leaflet of 23 October 1999, 6K)
(Issue #23, vol. 6, #1, February 4, 2000)

KOSOVO: for independence, not partition! by Joseph Green, 37K
CORRESPONDENCE (exchange with ZN, mostly on Kosovo, 13K)
(Issue #22, vol. 5, #3, October 9, 1999)

EAST TIMOR: Down with the Indonesian genocide against East Timor!
(Detroit Workers' Voice #24, September 10, 1999)

KOSOVO IS NOT YET FREE: No solution without the right to self-determination!
he war is over but Kosovo isn't yet free (54K)
(Issue #21, vol. 5, #2, Aug. 15, 1999)

PROBLEMS IN THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT: The demonization of the Albanians
by Joseph Green (56K)
(Issue #21, vol. 5, #2, Aug. 15, 1999)

(Issue #21, vol. 5, #2, Aug. 15, 1999)

How some Trotskyists deny national rights for Kosovar Albanians/
The right to self-determination and opposing Milosevic and NATO
by Mark, Detroit(114K)
(Issue #21, vol. 5, #2, Aug. 15, 1999)

KOSOVO AND THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT: For a rebellion against established political trends,
leaflet by Seattle members of the Communist Voice Organization for May 1, 1999 (11k)

KOSOVO: No to Milosevic, NATO, and the big power Contact Group!
No solution in Kosovo without the right to self-determination!
by Joseph Green (37K)
(Issue #20, vol. 5, #1, March 28, 1999)

INDONESIA: Habibie's reforms fail to quell the struggle of the masses! (45K)
(Issue #20, vol. 5, #1, March 28, 1999)

Support the right to self-determination of KOSOVO! by Joseph Green (47K)
(Issue #19, vol. 4, #4, December 8, 1998)

INDONESIA: Downfall of a tyrant by Pete Brown (45K)
Three statements from the People's Democratic Party, which are critiqued in the article "Indonesia:Downfall of a tyrant" (23K)
(Issue #18, vol. 4, #3, August 1, 1998)

Mass uprising in Indonesia forces Suharto out
(Detroit Workers' Voice #19, May 27, 1998, 18K)

From a meeting on the crash in EAST ASIA:
Speech by Pete Brown, and discussion following the presentation (34K)
(Issue #17, vol. 4, #2, April 20, 1998)

Down with the devastation of the Iraqi people by U.S. imperialism
and the Saddam Hussein regime: NOT ANOTHER WAR FOR OIL!
U.S. Imperialism, Out of the Persian Gulf! (17K)
(Detroit Workers' Voice, Feb. 23, 1998)

Correspondence: DEPENDENCY THEORY--where did it go wrong? (44K)
The crash in EAST ASIA -- what it means to the working class by Pete Brown (32K)
(Communist Voice, issue #16, vol. 4, #1, Jan. 20, 1998)

Capitalist pollution in SOUTHEAST ASIA (on the recent deadly smog) (25K)
by Frank, Seattle
(Issue #15, vol. 3, #4, Oct. 25, 1997)

DEPENDENCY THEORY and the fight against imperialism:
on Samir Amin and Andre Gunder Frank, part two
(Issue #15, vol. 3, #4, Oct. 25, 1997)

The twilight of dependency theory
Dependency theory and the fight against imperialism: on Samir Amin and Andre Gunder Frank (part one)
On pseudo-Marxist apologies for imperialism -- a review of Bill Warren's Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism, by Joseph Green
(Issue #14, vol. 3, #3, Aug. 10, 1997)

General strike shakes up Ecuador
Never-ending militarization
(Issue #13, vol. 3, #2, May 8, 1997)

Strike wave against anti-worker laws in South Korea
On Samir Amin's utopia about the bourgeois development of the third world:
-- A review of Amin's "Re-reading the Postwar Period: An Intellectual Itinerary", by Phil West (Issue #12, Vol. 3, #1, March 1, 1997)

Riots in Indonesia (18K)
An action in support of the East Timorese freedom struggle (12K)
(Issue #11, Vol. 2. #6, Dec. 15, 1996)

Looking back on the mini-state debate in light of renewed Palestinian struggle
From the history of the debate:
-- reformist panaceas crash on the rock of reality (Feb.1995)
The recent bombing in Iraq and the controversies over
anti-war work in the Persian Gulf War
(Issue #10, Vol. 2, #5, Oct. 1, 1996)

The "four worlds" theory and the indigenous struggle in Papua New Guinea (104K)
-- critiquing Hyndman's Ancestral Rain Forests and the Mountain of Gold, by Frank Arango (Issue #9, Vol. 2, #4, Aug. 1, 1996)

South Korea, imperialism, and "free-market" mythology, by Mark Williams
(Issue #8, Vol. 2, #3, June 1, 1996)

Papua New Guinea and Imperialism, by Frank Arango
(Issue #7, Vol. 2, #2, March 15, 1996)

DWV on the strike wave in France
(Issue #6, Vol. 2, #1, Jan. 15, 1995)

More on controversy over anti-war work:
-- On GI resistance during the Persian Gulf war
-- On agitating against the "support our troops" slogan
(Issue #5, Vol. 1, #5, Nov. 15, 1995)

The IMF, World Bank and U.S.imperialism: an overview, by Gary, New Jersey
Ejido co-ops and capitalism in Mexican agriculture, by Mark Williams
What really happened in the last years of the MLP:
-- part one of the controversy over anti-war work during the Persian Gulf war
(Issue #4, Vol. 1, #4, Sept. 15, 1995)

The IMF and imperialist superprofits, by Phil West (Issue #3, Vol. 1, #3, August 1, 1995)

On the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (Part 1):
In support of the struggles of the people of Papua New Guinea against environmental ruin
(Issue #2, Vol. 1, #2, June 1, 1995)

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