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May 1, 2016
RE: May Day 201

May 1st, International Workers’ Day

Statement of Struggle,
A Magazine of Proletarian Revolutionary Literature

By Tim Hall

Fellow workers, activists, poor and oppressed people! Sunday is May 1st, the day celebrated internationally as International Workers’ Day, the day when workers and all oppressed march and demonstrate their determination to rise up and rid the world of the rich capitalists and their system of white supremacy, imperialism and war, and super-exploitation of workers everywhere! Let us hail this day and turn our thoughts to getting rid of the blood-sucking parasite capitalist class that is making our lives miserable, murdering people of color, instigating wars, encouraging rape and scapegoating and deporting our immigrant brothers and sisters!

Let us say: Black Lives Matter! This is not just an issue for Black people. It is a moral issue for everyone and for the working class it is absolutely necessary that workers of all colors and ethnicities support Black people against the murderous police and racism generally. The legacy of slavery is still with us! As Karl Marx stated 150 years ago, labor in the white skin cannot be emancipated where in the black it is branded. Down with racism and racist murders!

Let us say: Stop targeting and deporting immigrants! These are workers just like us. They left their countries due to lack of jobs or due to war and political repression. We workers in the U.S. need all the workers we can get to unite against our blood-sucking bosses! Often, immigrant workers have experience in struggle and we need that. Scapegoating them not only hurts them but prevents all the workers from uniting against the bosses. Down with the scapegoating of immigrants!

Let us say: Down with cutbacks and austerity! Austerity means robbing from the poor and the workers to give more to the bloated rich. Both political parties serve the rich and both are on a rampage of austerity, cutting food stamps, threatening social security, firing and laying off millions, outsourcing jobs to lower pay, destroying school systems, destroying health care and mental health facilities. Down with austerity and cutbacks!

Let us say: Stop scapegoating the Muslim religion! Everyone knows that ISIS and Al Qaeda are fascist, imperialist enemies of poor and working people, including Muslims. Muslim working people have opposed them widely. Scapegoating Muslims fuels the trend toward a war with an entire religion, a war in which workers will kill workers for the rich of both sides. Let us unite Muslim workers with all other workers and struggle together as brothers and sisters! Down with scapegoating Muslims!

Let us say: Support the Syrian people’s struggle! It is directed against the tyrant Assad, against ISIS, as well as against Russian and U.S. imperialism. Expose the fake leftists who refuse to side with the Syrian people! Down with Assad and ISIS! Defeat Russian and American imperialism!

Let us say: Stop the fake “solutions” to the environmental crisis! Cap-and-trade is just a scam for corporations hide their pollution! Carbon tax will just be passed on to the workers! Fight for direct regulation of CO2 production and other environmental abuses! Down with fake environmentalism! Fellow workers, activists, poor and oppressed people:

These are just a few of the main issues we are facing this May 1st, International Workers’ Day. None of the capitalist candidates in the current election campaign, not even Bernie Sanders, are going to bring about anything but a few crumbs of the changes we need. We must rise in struggle!

Only a socialist revolution, wherein the workers and poor rise up and take over each country and put the rich capitalists in jail, only this will solve our problems thoroughly. But we face numerous immediate problems and we must fight oppression on every front, gain every right we can, defeat every attack we can, win every improvement we can. Only such a fight will allow us to survive and to become the force needed to deeply change the world!

Let us raise our red banner of struggle for all workers, all poor, all oppressed! <>

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Struggle is an anti-establishment, revolutionary literary journal oriented to the working-class struggle. We seek to reach "disgruntled" workers, dissatisfied youth and all the oppressed and abused and inspire them to fight the rich capitalist rulers of the U.S. and the planet.

Struggle is open to a variety of artistic and literary forms and anti-establishment political and cultural views. We look for works with artistic power which rebel against some element of the capitalist power structure or against the system itself.

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Posted on May 1, 2016