About the Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list

The Detroit Workers' Voice and Seattle Workers' Voice are put out by supporters of the Communist Voice Organization. The DWV email list was originally intended to serve mainly as a way to notify interested people of Detroit Workers' Voice Discussion Group meetings, but its purpose has grown over time. Today it has become the Detroit/Seattle Workers' Voice email list; most of its readers are not in the Detroit or Seattle area; and some are scattered around the world. It has become a way of keeping people in touch with the views and activities of the Communist Voice Organization generally. The items sent will include articles, leaflets, and comments from supporters of the CVO trend, and also excerpts from and comments on the best writing from other political trends. The list is not just for people who agree with us, but for anyone who's interested in seeing what our views are.

Over the last several years the D/SWV list has carried material on subjects  such as

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Last modified on March 25, 2017.
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