Announcing issue #2 of the Swedish
Marxist-Leninist journal Red Dawn

(CV #40, August 2007)

From the website of the Red Dawn Working Group, www. arg. nu/?page=english:

#2 of our journal Röd gryning [Red Dawn] has been published


. The second issue of Röd Gryning was published on May 1st. It carries a (short) lead article on the present situation, mainly dwelling on the very meager results of the recent national round of wage negotiations. In most of the contracts, a mere couple of percent wage rise each year have been achieved, and these contracts are in almost all cases running on a three-year basis. Meanwhile, profits are soaring - especially in export-oriented industries like engineering and mining. Monopolies like ABB, Atlas-Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, Sandvik and Stora Enso celebrate all-time highs. And the government budget has a huge surplus, which by 2010 is expected to amount to some 10 billions of dollars (if counted in US currency).

. Amongst other things, the lead article also speaks out against Swedish participation in the imperialist war in Afghanistan. (To be sure, the Swedish forces there are limited to the northern parts of that country and carry out "peace-keeping" tasks rather than being a direct actor in the US-led warfare, but that nevertheless means being an auxiliary by facilitating the US-led forces concentrating on their operations). The point made is that the stronger imperialism as a whole becomes, the stronger will Sweden's own monopoly capitalists be. Therefore: Not one single man, not one single penny to the imperialist efforts in Afghanistan!

. Other items in this issue of Röd Gryning are:

-- A reprint of an article by Rosa Luxemburg from 1894 on the origins of May Day celebrations;

-- A translation of the article "The Leninist theory of imperialism and the 21st century world" by Joseph Green, from the US Marxist-Leninist journal Communist Voice #38, July 2006;

-- An article explaining why the "Communist Party" - KP - formerly KPML(r) - is not the communist party.

-- An article on communists and religion, explaining why it is erroneous to take a sectarian stand towards workers and toilers who believe in religion. (In passing, the article mentions, amongst other things, the so-called Worker-Communist Parties of Iran and Iraq as examples of how, if religion becomes more or less a main ememy, that will weaken the class line).

-- An article on North Korea, in which the US threat to that country is condemned and calls for solidarity with the Korean people are being made, while at the same time it is spelled out that the ruling party in North Korea has been revisionist from the beginning and that the economical-political system there has never been other than state-capitalist.

-- Excerpts, sorted according to subject, from the book Looking backward 2000-1887 by Edward Bellamy. In an introductory comment, this book is promoted as good and interesting reading about what socialism might be like, while, amongst other things, it is being made clear that the author was no Marxist and that Marxism calls for the control of society and production by the working masses themselves rather than the quite "technocratic" rule presented by Bellamy.

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September 6, 2007.