The debate on Cuba

Privatization in the name of "socialism"
Over a million jobs cut as Cuban state-capitalism imposes a new wave of market reforms on the workers
by Mark Williams
((CV issue #46, vol. 17, #1, November 15, 2011)

CUBA in the 1960s: Bureaucrats head to `communism' without the workers,
by Mark, Detroit (80K)
Report on a trip to CUBA in Nov. 97 by Barb (Chicago Workers' Voice) (54K)
Reply to Barb's report: A desperate search for `shoots of socialism'. by Mark, Detroit (44K)
CASTRO embraces the Pope of reaction, by Gary, New Jersey (6K
From the correspondence page:
About "left"-communist and other views of Cuba (13K)
(Issue #17, vol. 4, #2, April 20, 1998)

CUBA: socialist or state-capitalist (on some Internet debates)
(Issue #15, vol. 3, #4, Oct. 25, 1997)

Che, the armed struggle, and revolutionary politics (41K)
(Issue #14, vol. 3, #3, August 10, 1997)

How some former anti-revisionists reconcile with Cuban revisionism:
Apologizing for the Castro regime or supporting the Cuban workers?

by Mark, Detroit and including criticism of the following three articles:
--Movie review: "Che" by Sarah, Chicago Workers' Voice
--Report on a visit to Cuba, Jan. 20, 1993 by Jim, S.F.Bay Area
--What's happening in Cuba? 1993 by Michael, Detroit
(Issue #13, vol. 3, #2, May 8, 1997)

State-capitalism under a "socialist" banner:
Cuba's economic system of the 1970s and early 1980s/
Cuban "socialism" adopts the Soviet state-capitalist model (67K)
(Issue #12, Vol. 3, #1, Mach 1, 1997)

Did Castro steer Cuba towards socialism in the late 1980s? ( 50K)
How the SWP whitewashes the Castro regime (29K)
Excerpts from two SWP articles on Cuba: (29K)
* Che's proletarian legacy and Cuba's rectification process" (Mary-Alice Waters)
* The politics of economics: Che Guevara and Marxist continuity" (Steve Clark and Jack Barnes)
(Issue #11, Vol. 2. #6, Dec. 15, 1996)

The imperialist Helms-Burton law and the myth of Cuban socialism (36K)
(Issue #10, Vol. 2, #5, Oct. 1, 1996)

Correspondence: Back and forth on Cuba
(Issue #9, Vol. 2, #4, Aug. 1, 1996)

DWV: The U.S.-Cuba conflict
(Issue #7, Vol. 2, #2, March 15, 1996)

El Machete continues its campaign for Castroism
(Issue #5, Vol. 1, #5, Nov. 15, 1995)

On the need for a public stand against Castroism
(Issue #3, Vol. 1, #3, August 1, 1995)

What should we say to the masses about Cuba?
--CWV on Cuba and the blockade
--El Machete: Long live Cuba but. . .socialist
--Should we bring anti-revisionism to the masses?
(Issue #1, Vol. 1, #1, April 15, 1995)

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