Announcing the June 2000 issue of Communist Voice:
the Windsor/Detroit demos against the OAS,
Putin's two wars -- against Chechnya and Russia workers,
against intervention in Colombia, on the Boeing strike,
against the "left-right" alliance, and more

The twenty-fourth issue of CV, vol. 6 #2 (June 14, 2000, 62 pages)  is available in PDF form. Below is a list of articles in this issue, with the titles linked to the full text of each article.


To fight neo-liberalism, target capitalism!:

Against the Russian war on Chechnya:

Reviews by Joseph Green of 3 books about the Russo-Chechen wars:

U.S. imperialism in Latin America:

The strike movement:

Betrayal in the name of left-right unity -- On the "left-right alliance" that is being promoted under the guise of anti-war activism:

Correspondence: Should state-capitalist and liberal forces be declared "socialist", although one knows them to be "corrupt"? (10K)

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