Struggles break out against fracking

(CV #49, August 2014)

From Detroit Workers’ Voice #111, March 1, 2014:

Mass struggles have broken out recently against fracking – in the U.S., Canada and Romania in Europe. Fracking is a method used by the energy monopoly capitalists to extract natural gas from the ground. It poisons the groundwater and has been proven to cause earthquakes, but the greedy capitalists are working day and night to spread its plunder of the natural environment. Already much of central Pennsylvania has been devastated by fracking and the frackers have their sights set on upstate New York, Michigan and elsewhere.

Since this past fall the Mic Maq (Elsipotog) Native People of New Brunswick, Canada, have been blocking the fracking capitalists from drilling in their area.  The Mic Maq have stood up to police assaults from the RCMP and are still fighting. In Romania people have carried on a militant fight against the frackers. Around the U.S. many groups are opposing fracking. Two films, Gasland 1 and 2, which have been shown recently in Detroit, have attacked fracking and called for a ban on it.

Spurred by the ongoing economic crisis, the energy capitalists have been stepping up their plunder of the environment. In addition to fracking, they are increasing offshore oil drilling (remember the BP disaster?), removal of dirty tar sands oil in Alberta, extension of leaky oil pipelines, hazardous transportation of oil by railroad car, removal of mountain tops in Appalachia in search of coal, etc., etc., all with the acquiescence of both the Republicans and the Democrats.

The capitalists are destroying our natural world.  A working-class environmental movement is needed to fight back!   

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Last changed on August 19, 2014.