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On the Bush administration's response
to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11

Sept. 15, 2001


. The terrorist atrocity of Sept. 11 caused thousands of deaths. Since then, the Bush administration has vowed to retaliate by committing its own atrocities against a substantial part of the world. In the name of fighting terrorism, the Bush administration intends to step up military imperialism around the world. It is taking aim at a wide variety of forces, from the struggling masses in Palestine, Colombia and elsewhere, to reactionaries and former U.S. allies, such as bin Laden, who have since bit the hand which once fed them but have not thereby become friends of the working masses and who may be butchers in their own right. This step-up of militarism and war will only increase the atrocities, racist attacks, and repression against the working masses around the world and in the U.S. It will not relax world tensions or bring freedom to the world's people. It has nothing to do with ending terrorism, with terrorists such as bin Laden having gotten their start with encouragement from the CIA. What the Bush administration is aiming at is not ending terrorism, but monopolizing it; not ending bloodshed, but channeling it in accordance with current White House objectives; not ending assassinations, but authorizing them; not ending retaliations against civilian populations, something for which U.S. imperialism has long been known, from its sponsoring of dirty wars to its constant recourse to economic blockades, but stepping them up. This is a united objective of the establishment parties and trends, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. They are putting aside their usual squabbles and eagerly displaying their true colors as great-power bullies, eager to trample on the rights of the American workers and minorities and the very lives of working people around the world. The only answer to this is for all progressive people to dedicate themselves to the long-term work of rebuilding an independent proletarian movement which can stand against imperialism and the bourgeoisie, both the arrogant, swaggering bourgeoisie of the big-powers and the local reactionary factions, and which can support struggles for freedom and economic survival by oppressed peoples everywhere.

by Joseph Green
Editor, Communist Voice


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Last modified: October 4, 2001.